Wednesday, July 13, 2011

reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't wanna live there

owl city is epic. all things bright and beautiful is probably one of the best albums from 2011 I have. not that I have all that much music from 2011 at the moment, in fact some might say that this is a bit of a poor effort.

altogether my music collection allows for 65 days and 8 hours of continuous playback, or 23.5k songs, or 123GB. that's pretty decent imo.

not that the upcoming changes to nz piracy law has influenced or will influence the amount of music I get. as I've said before, I suspect the changes will mostly affect new users, but if things get serious, people might migrate back to "safer" methods such as DC++.

or maybe not. but I can dream. be safe on the internet people.

so I've been working full time during the uni break, and each song I listen to brings back a specific memory. for example, Yellowcard - Only One reminds me of Junior Leader's camp, and One Republic songs remind me of that scene from The Sorceror's Apprentice where the dude plays Secrets with tesla coils.

menial work sure does allow the mind to wander. I was thinking today about how people I know remind me of people I used to know, and how some people's personalities seem to be composites of other people's personalities. I fantasised about what it would be like to be an Animorph (I wouldn't stick to their stupid 'no morphing people' rule) or to be Wolverine (never need a knife again!). I was wondering if other people experience the passage of time like I do, and how much people fake emotion. I guess it comes down to the way you can never truly "know" someone unless you've been inside their head.

I was thinking about how I like a challenge, and rule 19 of the internet, "the more you hate it, the stronger it gets"

so uni comes back next monday. judging by my timetable, I won't be getting much sleep until the end of the year. whatever.

I was pretty happy to find the doctor who theme here the other day. I got the fringe themes from the same site.

I like the way I get to know people from the south island, australia or america through gaming. as my american friend says, remember the startegy, haras no feder.

funny things I've found recently

ahh, childhood memories....

this is my favourite courage wolf quote

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