Thursday, July 21, 2011

AVFreppy + Minesweeper

just wrote the best antivirus porgram evar check it out its way better than that norton shit I wish I could get access to hon svrs and run it on there it would just instant kick all pinoys but oh well


More sensitive than any other av program on the net, so will pick up viruses that such programs miss.

Never update again. AVFreppy automatically downloads its 10GB updates in the background daily, without any notification whatsoever.

Intuitive, simplistic GUI.

No need for any messy or difficult installation - just run and you're good to go.

Scanned with itself, so you know its virus and malware free.

And best of all - its free!!


"It's like i'm actually there!" - Mykey Freppi
"it makes me look prepared" - Mykey Freppi
"It still works when Firefox is closed?!?!?!?" - John Vu
"Why can't I open it with notepad?!?!?!?" - John Vu
"Stop writing that fuckin av and come play HON" - John Vu

download: avfreppy.jar

also I wrote a minesweeper remake

download: as.jar

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